The tape that got me into DJing in '91. I recorded tunes from the Club-Stock (Yes, actually Clubs had an own record stock back then) in the DJ Booth of the Sunset Club in Sprockhoevel, I had known since the early 80s. Started a New Wave/EBM Party wednesday nights shortly after (1991). You can imagine the resonance. ;-) Club closed the very same year (not because of me :-D). Thanks to Libby, Holger and Dietmar for the chance. And Wiebke for support in the actually hard time I was in back then.

Music on the tape was mostly guitar-based though, so this is not a typical set for me. My Wife Sandra and me made some parties named 'Waiting Room' years later based on this stuff and after I made a 1st version on Neurobeat Radio (R.I.P.).